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Country Side Highway in the Lake District, Chile

Highway Maps

March, 2023

Ministry of Public Works

An excellent source of highway map information for Chile is the Chilean Ministry of Public Works. Their web page Red Caminera de Chile (Chile Road Network) includes a viewer which provides an easy interface to view Chile's highway network and help you plan and map your trip. The viewer allows you to draw a route and measure the distance. You can then export the file or print it. There is also an option to switch between a topography map and a satellite map and street maps. You also have the option to show rest areas along the highway network. The site also includes a number of technical maps of the road network enhanced with geographical data.

Another interesting option offered on the site are the links to previous years "Cuadernillos" or Chile Highway Map Booklets in PDF format like the Cuadernillo 2017 .

There is also an option to download high resolution images (in jpeg format) of the Highway Road Maps of all the Chilean Administrative Regions. Please note that most images include more than one region. For example if you are interested in a high resolution (27.7 MB) road map of Panguipulli and the area of the Seven Lakes, you have to download the Regiones de Los Ríos y Los Lagos map.

COPEC Road Maps and Tourist Guides

Empresas COPEC S.A. is a Chilean holding company with interests in the energy and forestry sectors. They also own a chain of gas stations throughout the country and since 2009 have acquired the publication rights to the former Turistel Tourist and Road Map Guides.

The new guides called Guias Chiletur Copec can be bought online, at their Head Office in Santiago (Agustinas 1382, Santiago - Phone 2-690 7000) or at any COPEC gas station along Ruta 5. They are published in the form of a booklet and divide the country in three main zones: Zona Norte, Zona Centro and Zona Sur. The guides provide accurate and quality information on the highlights and main attractions for each area as well as highway maps, city plans, general tourist information and of course where you can find a Copec gas station.

For 2019 in addition to the regular Zone Guides there is also a Santiago Tourist guide a Trekking guide and a National Parks guide. Also available are bilingual (Spanish-English) water resistant, folding maps of Chile divided in nine tourist zones. They are printed in recycled paper and compatible with GPS Systems.

You can visit the website Chiletur Copec for more information. While the site is in Spanish only, it is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. An intersting feature of the web site are the pages Destinos and Planificador which allow you to search a destination and map out your trip and travel cost.